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4 Tips to Keep Your Adult Dating Site on Top | Adult Dating Merchant Account

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Adult dating websites are one of the most profitable new industries in the world. Millions of singles every year flock to websites to find their ultimate love match, an escort, or simply a hook up. Now, bold entrepreneurs are making millions by creating niche websites dedicated to only a few high demand desires. Consumers can find anything they want online, from elicit sexual encounters to ready to order wives. If you are interested in starting your own adult dating website, here are a few trends that can help you develop a moneymaking enterprise. Timing is Everything If you want to […]

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New Advances in Technology Means Growth for the Adult Dating Industry

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Among the latest gadgets included in the consumer-electronics show in Las Vegas, also known as CES, was the speed-dating app, Heystax. Perfect strangers are given 20 seconds to decide whether or not they wish to continue chatting. According to its Ohio-based app developer, Krush, this new app makes mobile video chatting “flasher-free”. According to, users better keep the camera on their face. “Point the camera anywhere else — ahem, downward, for example — and the screen will go dark for the person on the other end.” The technology for this app is already available and being used in one […]

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Escort Services Need Payment Processing Too

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The adult escort business is one of the fastest growing businesses in the United States. Currently, escort entrepreneurs are making huge profits due to a renewed interest in short term adult companionship, more disposable income to pay for it, and some state programs that provide funding to new escort services (mostly in the western states). Even though adult escort services are legitimate, they often have trouble acquiring payment processing or loans from banks. Without good payment processing, the profits for escort services will be severely limited. So why do escort businesses have such a hard time finding payment processing? The […]

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Most Couples Will Fall in Love Online By 2040

Seducing beautiful woman looking at her lover with wine glass.

A new study conducted by the Imperial Collage of London, predicts that 70 percent of couples will meet, interact, and form romantic relationships online by 2040. Online dating and matchmaking is poised to skyrocket in the next 25 years as people will be sharing about 886 gigabits of data every single second to find their perfect mate. This rate is enough to give users a “full-sensory’ virtual experience that allows for people to interact with one another without every meeting in person. Some online dating companies are experimenting with these technologies to gain an edge on the competition in the […]

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Get Your Adult Dating Site Ready for EMV

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Adult dating websites have become an extremely profitable industry. Right now, entrepreneurs with business acumen, tech knowledge, and a bold vision can create adult websites that attract millions of users a day. But a great looking website with visitors will never turn a profit without progressive payment processing. Since the deadline for EMV implementation passed, consumers are now paying with EMV chipped cards that will protect their privacy and the assets of merchants. But since it will be tougher to commit fraud instore, adult dating websites will now see a drastic increase in online fraud. Although not mandatory, small business […]

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Crowdfunding Project to Fund Adult Movie in Space

Adult Movie in Space

Before the internet, adult films on VHS and DVD were the biggest selling products for the adult industry. Things have changed drastically since then. With the 90’s came the popularity of the internet, which opened up more doors of opportunity for the adult industry. Skip to 2015. Nearly 80% of the adult industry profits now come from online sales and online advertisements. The next chapter for the industry may surprise you. At the beginning of June 2015, Pornhub announced that it would be setting its sights even higher. Moving on from earthly porn-story setups, Pornhub has decided that the sky […]

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Reasons why the Adult Industry is Considered to be High Risk

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The adult industry’s expansion into the digital marketplace has led to a need for a more specific type of service. Merchant accounts have now become essential for online adult entertainment vendors. With the growing popularity of the internet for shopping and entertainment in recent years, the adult industry has also experienced changes and growth. Before the internet became popular in the 90’s, the adult industry made its profit from adult films on VHS and DVD. These were its biggest selling products. Adult calendars, magazines and playing cards were also big hits. Fast forward to today, and 80% of the adult […]

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Payment Processing Solutions for Adult Merchants

The invention of the Internet has generated billions of dollars in yearly revenue for the adult services industry. Even so, businesses that are adult oriented really struggle when it comes to obtaining payment processing solutions through traditional payment processors. The reason being that the nature of the adult industry often gives it the label of being high risk. For the adult sector, this high risk labelling stems from the frequent disputes and chargebacks that this industry experiences. A chargeback occurs when a consumer purchases content, often downloading what they want, then turns around and reports fraud to the company. This […]

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Adult Entertainment Industry Explores Possibilities of Bitcoin

With the sudden popularity of the Internet in the 90s, no one anticipated the impact Internet would have on the adult industry. Fast-forward to today, nearly 80% of adult industry profits originate from online sales and online advertisements. The leaps digital technology has made continues to change how users are seeking entertainment, and more importantly, how they want to pay for it. Until now, entertainment services have been paid for through a diversification of subscriptions that cater to the individual users’ needs. Consumer’s wishes are changing. New research suggests that consumers are wanting and expecting to have the ability to […]

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The Adult Industry Turning Massive Profits | Adult Merchant Account

The adult industry has been one of the biggest industries in the world for several decades. Absolutely nothing has changed about that, except for the way that this industry actually makes its profits. For years, adult films on VHS and DVD were the biggest selling products. Films along with other physical products such as adult calendars, magazines and playing cards were the big sellers. However, in 2015 things are much different. Welcome to the internet When the internet became popular in the 90’s, nobody thought it would someday become the Nirvana of porn lovers. Well today, nearly 80% of profits […]

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