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Bad Credit Businesses Welcome at HRG

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The last recession put many small businesses out of work and left even more with bad credit.  Now businesses that need loans to make vital repairs or to keep their doors open, have a hard time acquiring them. If you have bad credit or have filed for bankruptcy, choose the High Risk Guys to meet all your merchant service needs. HRG is a payment processor that can help your business no matter the credit history. A payment processor provides a payment gateway for transactions requests to go to. The processor then sends the authorization from a debit or credit card […]

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Bad Credit Won’t Stop HRG

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The credit scores of many small businesses took a big hit during the recession. Bad credit is usually defined as a credit score between 300 and 629. This is a major dilemma for many entrepreneurs searching for small loans with reasonable rates from traditional lenders. If you have bad credit, there are still a few sources available that will provide loans to your business. Online Lenders Online lenders like HRG are designed to give small loans to businesses with bad credit scores. But not all online lenders approve every business. Some are highly discriminate, but HRG has a 99% merchant […]

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Secure Point-of-Sale System’s?

Millions of customers have been exposed to identity theft from the clients of major retail stores to online hackers and one of the biggest debates in the United States today is how to solve payment security problems. Citizens are very concerned with this ongoing issue to the point it has prompted the government to consider regulatory action. The lawmakers on the Senate Judiciary Committee have recommended establishing federal standard requiring businesses, to notify customers in a timely manner when there has been a breach and customer’s identities have been exposed to identity theft. When Target was faced with a breach […]

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Prepaid Cards are on the Rise and here to STAY!

The mainstream of card purchases is over flowing with prepaid cards and merchants are promoting them very enthusiastically. Retail purchases of 2014 already top $200-billion in the United States, which equals 5% of all retail spending in the United States.  The numbers indicate the use of prepaid debt, payroll cards, to major cards like Visa V + 1.31% and MasterCard MA + 1.27% which can be used all over the globe to closed loop consumer incentive cards like Starbucks SBUX +0.54%. The incentives for gift cards; and gift card usage is on the rise, some dealerships are even offering incentives […]

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Merchant Account VS. PayPal

When opening an online business you have two main choices for accepting debit and credit cards available. The first is either a merchant account or a PayPal account. Choosing the best one for your online business will depend of a few factors one of which is the number of transactions you will have, how customized you want to make the checkout process and the budget that you are working with. Here are a few differences to a merchant account vs. PayPal. When a customer makes a purchase through your website and you have set up a PayPal account then they […]

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E-Commerce Merchant Account Terminology

With the rapid rise in technology and a little something called e-commerce, more and more people across the globe are deciding to open online businesses. Many of these business types tend to require the set-up of a high risk merchant account, a safer alternative that e-commerce merchants are generally opting for. Below is a list of the important terminology that every e-commerce merchant should get familiar with. Anti-Fraud Security System: These provide additional security when programming payments from companies like Visa and MasterCard. Anti-fraud security systems help to reduce and prevent credit card fraud. Authorization Fee: This is charged whenever […]

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How do we offer such fast Merchant Account approvals?

We understand that getting your payments processed is essential to the success of your business, so we always strive to provide the fastest approvals in the merchant services industry. Our electronic signature applications and extensive industry knowledge allow us to set up your account in the most efficient way possible. We even offer instant merchant accounts, meaning your merchant account can be approved the same day you apply! Our vast processing network is provided by, the Nations #1 high risk merchant account provider. We are a smaller operation than eMerchantBroker, which allows us to offer faster customer service and […]

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Merchant Accounts for Online Tobacco APPROVED

Setting up a merchant account for an online tobacco company is not an easy process. Even if you sell electronic cigarettes, getting approval for a merchant account from a traditional provider can be something of a nightmare. This can severely hinder your ability to process credit card transactions cheaply, forcing you to rely on other payment methods or deal with the high fees imposed by services like Paypal. If you’re a high volume seller or a wholesale provider, high fees can destroy your margins and take a significant chunk out of your profits. So it’s important to find a way […]

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Penny Auction Merchant Accounts – Domestic & Offshore

Penny Auctions, or bidding fee auctions are one of the hardest online businesses to get a merchant account for. It’s up there with online pharmacies and online gaming. Even supposed “high risk” providers can’t touch these type of accounts. Most start up penny auctions don’t take this into account and end up failing because they can’t find a viable way to accept payments from customers. At The High Risk Guys we know penny auctions, in fact we have more solutions available for penny auctions than any other provider on the market. We have both domestic and offshore banks available for […]

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High Volume Merchant Accounts made Easy

Merchant accounts always have a volume limit associated with them. Many merchants want higher monthly volumes than what they are approved for. Traditional, low risk credit card processors are much more restrictive with monthly volumes. Many merchants may want to process 100k or more per month, but they only get approved for 30k. The High Risk Guys can help, we specialize in high volume merchant accounts and we have solutions tailored to meet the needs of these merchant types. We offer load balancing gateways, multiple MID’s and banks that support volumes in excess of 5MM per month. Don’t put all […]

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