In an era where consumer financial data is constantly in jeopardy, the financial services industry must create technologies that protect data, while being consumer friendly. The “Internet of Things,” has drastically expanded the technological possibilities, but has also created some serious ethical issues about how to secure financial data.

According to the International Telecommunication Union, IoT is the network of physical objects that are embedded in sensors, software, electronics, and network connectivity. These physical objects are then able to collect and exchange data. Financial services can use IoT to protect consumer data as fewer and fewer devices depend on traditional screens. This could have a significant effect on how financial institutions collect and exchange data.

Financial services companies that can recognize and educate their consumers and exercise transparency, will establish trust with their customers and be successful with IoT in the long run. Some examples of IoT could be your refrigerator sharing data on the items that you take out of it. If you want to keep track of how much eating is costing you, this information could be funneled to a financial third party that will display this on a budget sheet.

Financial services must feature security and data privacy that emphasize proactive IT strategies, rather than reactive technologies. This is extremely important with IoT, which depends on physical objects considering the concealability of embedded devices and the sensitivity nature of financial data. Of course having a screen doesn’t really have an impact on the security of a technology, IoT will convert the things we consider extremely personal into data that could be displayed on technologies with screens, at least at first, so that consumers can get used to IoT.

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