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Starting an Adult Escort Business in the State of Nevada

Are you interested in starting an adult escort business in the lively state of Nevada? The adult escort business is booming. Right now escort entrepreneurs are making major profits with the help of a variety of state programs and expert escort merchant account providers. The following is the latest business and legal guides to launch this profitable new venture. STEP ONE: Define Your Business The Nevada state government requires that you define your business. There are several categories that an escort service can fall under. Before you start registry proceedings ask yourself the following questions: What services do I provide? […]

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Adult Dating Merchant Accounts: Finding the Best Rate

The new wave of dating for adults has moved online. Dating sites are expanding rapidly and dividing into niches every week in response to the new social trends in how couples are meeting. A new study by John Cacioppo, psychologist and director of the Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience located at the University of Chicago reports that 22% of newly formed couples met online. This industry is experiencing rapid growth, making it a highly profitable prospect for high-risk entrepreneurs and investors. Cacioppo reports that of 19,000 people surveyed between 2005 and 2012 that married 35% of the newlyweds met online. […]

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Applying For An Adult Dating Merchant Account

There are a number of things to do to get your merchant account application on the road to acceptance. Here are a few things to look for and a few things to do. • Be honest about what you are making your application for. It’s very simple. You are applying for an adult dating merchant account and you want it approved. • Write a cover letter about your business. Show them your business plan and write like your life depended on it. Don’t do any woe is me stories. Write about the positive aspect of the business, what you plan […]

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How to run your adult dating business online

Finding the perfect someone is the hardest thing to do on the planet. A lot of us get impatient and go looking where searching should not be done. Others try the online venue and get pretty lucky with it. Others get a lot of culls. That does not mean that you shouldn’t put together a site for a specialty group or everyone in general. If you have some awesome software and you are prepared to launch a site for dating, you will also need an adult dating merchant account so you can process your debit and credit card payments. Safely […]

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The Online Dating Industry

One of the major online industries is online dating. More and more adults are finding it very difficult to locate mates and companions without the help of technology. Schedules are long and arduous, making extra activities almost impossible. Enter into the internet a new business online, dealing with dating. Like all businesses a search is needed to find a merchant account servicer for an adult dating merchant account. Be sure Specify what kind of account you are going to open. Don’t lie or leave out anything. If any transaction comes through that does not meet your account specifications, it will […]

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Breaking the Taboo, Online Dating

If you’ve decided that you are ready to open an online dating site, the first thing you need to consider, is how to get paid. Your credit card and debit card sales will be the foremost and forefront of your income. Finding an adult dating merchant account is not as daunting as a lot of people would make you think. Your local bank is likely going to turn you down, so sit down in front of the computer and start by doing some searching. Literally There are literally thousands of sites to choose from. What you need to do is […]

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Choosing a Adult dating merchant account for your online dating service

Having a merchant account to accept credit cards and high risk payment alternatives such as electronic checks is vital to the success of any business and if your business operates within a high-risk industry like online dating industry, chances are that you are finding it impossible to find an acquiring bank or a credit card processor who would approve your merchant account. Banks think that online dating merchants are a high risk proposition and find various types of adult business models unappealing. The issue is with most online dating merchants relying on annual payments and not so much the amount […]

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Adult Merchant Accounts with No Set Up Fees

Adult related businesses and websites can find it very difficult to get approved for a merchant account. 95% of the credit card processing providers consider adult related businesses on their restricted list and will not offer them accounts. Most of the remaining 5% charge these merchants outrageous fees and hefty up-front “registration” or “set up fees”. If you own an adult related business or website and you’re looking for a more competitive rate or an account without registration fees, than you’ve come to the right place. The High Risk Guys are taking over the industry due to their low rates […]

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