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How to Avoid Dishonest and Fraudulent Customer Credit Card Chargebacks

Credit card companies are wonderful at protecting consumers against credit card fraud by taking care of disputes whether they are incorrect amounts, a result of credit card fraud or stolen credit cards, as well as merchant errors. These refunds are called chargebacks. Chargebacks are not only disappointing to the merchant, but also they can be dangerous to your online business, putting your merchant account at risk if you receive too many. Fulfilling an online order can be risky, you face the threat of customers that make a purchase, file a phony dispute with their credit card company and keep the […]

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Protect Yourself from Credit Card Fraud

In light of the recent Target security breach you may find yourself just how safe it is for you to make purchases using your credit card. You may be wondering how you can also protect yourself from credit card fraud. While it is true that any time you are making the decision to use your credit card there is some amount of risk involved. However, your risk is limited because of federal law. The risk of fraud for credit cards is limited to $50. In many cases if your card number is stolen or your card has been stolen or […]

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Your Merchant Chargeback Rights

  Getting a merchant account plays a vital role for ecommerce businesses in adding a professional image, convenience and an ability to earn more revenue. For new ecommerce businesses, online credit card processing may look confusing but with knowledge and experience, business owners can find the ways to keep the flow of online cash without any hitch. One of the most important aspects to learn about as an online merchant is chargeback and what to do when you see it come in. What is a Chargeback? It is simple. If a customer files a complaint at issuing back about the […]

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How To Effectively Fight A Chargeback On Your Account

If you have a customer that wants to get their money back, you need to be on top of that as quick as possible. There isn’t a merchant account servicer that wants to have chargebacks. And if you don’t know what a chargeback is….. Think refund. You’ve shrugged your shoulders and you have no idea why a refund would be a big deal. With the issuer of the card and your merchant account servicer, it’s a giant thing! The reason starts with major paperwork, a bunch of investigation, and several months of letters going back and forth. Not to mention, […]

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Protecting yourself from a chargeback

You are probably wondering what a charge back is. Well, to put it in easy form, it really is just a refund to a customer. It goes through the channels to make certain that it is a REAL chargeback, and then the money that was paid out to the bank of the buyer, refunds it to the customer’s card. Refunds Merchants only have so many chargebacks every month before the merchant account servicers put them into a TMF file. More or less, it’s a jail for those that don’t take care of their customers. The TMF or Terminated Merchant File, […]

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What is a Chargeback?

According to the official definition of chargeback, it says:  “a demand by a credit-card provider for a retailer to make good the loss on a fraudulent or disputed transaction.” In other words, when you have purchased something from a store or store front or even paid for something, if you have changed your mind, you ask for a refund. The credit card gets its money returned. The card must send the money back from the company you bought it from, through the merchant account and back into your credit card. If the company you bought it from does not return […]

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What is a chargeback and how do I prevent them?

A chargeback or a reversal is an issuing bank’s way of protecting its customers from fraudulent transactions. A chargeback simply involves customers filing complaints to their issuing bank, regarding transactions that they deem fraudulent on their statement. This dispute once filed then gives authority to the issuing bank to start investigating into the matter. Upon competition of the banks investigation, should the complaint have proved that the transaction was fraudulent then it’s the bank’s responsibility to refund the cardholder their original amount spent on the fraudulent transaction.  A merchant stands the possibility of losing the actual amount being disputed plus […]

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