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4 Trends That Will Define Payments in 2016 | High Risk Credit Card Processing


Mobile applications have changed with way consumers work and play for years. 2016 is set to be the year of payment processing for the mobile stage. There have been many predictions about the effects that mobile payment processing will have on consumer payments. But there are four major trends that payment processors and mobile app investors should be paying close attention to. Mobile Checkout Will Destroy Countertop Checkout: Mobile app users are expected to use cloud-based apps to checkout instead of the POS, and will migrate towards retailers that enable this experience. In addition to cloud-based checkout technologies, there is […]

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It Is Possible to Obtain a Bad Credit Merchant Account

Bad credit can hurt you in many ways as a consumer, but it can also hurt you if you are a business owner. One of the biggest reasons is because mainstream merchant account providers and banks do not provide merchant accounts to those with bad credit. They consider these merchants to be “high risk”, or at a higher risk of having something go wrong. This could be anything from a fraudulent charge to the closing of your business. While it may seem like having a merchant account is a no-go for those with bad credit, it is possible if you […]

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The Advantages for Manufacturers who accept Credit and Debit Cards

Should manufacturers accept credit and debit cards? For some time, it has been unheard of for manufacturers and similar companies in the Business to Business (B2B) segment to make and receive payments from each other through the use of credit and debit cards. Recently, it has become more and more common, due to the benefits involved. According to Patrick Hare of CPN, “One of the most overlooked avenues in the credit card processing field involves business-to-business (B2B) merchant services. Every day, company owners pay invoices with corporate credit and debit cards.” The first benefit of using this payment method is […]

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Four Ways to Avoid the Big Mistake in Credit Card Processing

 A merchant account is a necessity for an online business. The majority of merchant services providers are reputable organizations, yet for every bushel there can be a bad apple or two. There are big mistakes to be made when choosing your credit card processor. You want to avoid those mistakes, so be sure to check for the following so that you don’t make a crippling mistake in credit card processing. Read the Terms & Conditions! There’s a danger on computers that tends to slip by our radar. Every piece of software and every website you register on, for whatever service, […]

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High Risk Credit Card Processing

Because it has become so common place to use a credit card, many people do not take the time to stop and think about how credit cards actually work. However, with the new participants in digital payments software and hardware is changing as these digital payments are being accepted by merchants. Taking a look at the way the chain works it is easy to see where there is room for high risk credit card processing. Currently, credit card transactions and payments add up to $4 trillion in just the U.S. last year. This means almost everyone in the U.S. is […]

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Protect Yourself from Credit Card Fraud

In light of the recent Target security breach you may find yourself just how safe it is for you to make purchases using your credit card. You may be wondering how you can also protect yourself from credit card fraud. While it is true that any time you are making the decision to use your credit card there is some amount of risk involved. However, your risk is limited because of federal law. The risk of fraud for credit cards is limited to $50. In many cases if your card number is stolen or your card has been stolen or […]

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Plastic Strengthens its Hold on the Payment System as Credit Card Usage Increases

During 2012 more than 60% of all transactions were non-cash, hence they were either paid by debit or credit card. With more and more people switching from paper to plastic for currency transactions, hackers are becoming busier in stealing information from both online transactions and in-store transactions. This happened earlier this month at Target, and it has card companies on high alert. There are many types of credit cards for many types of people: Cards for high credit, bad credit, no credit. There are cards that promise low interest rates and cards that you have to pay a fee upfront […]

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The benefits of opening a High Risk Merchant Account

Having a merchant account is such a great advantage to a merchant. Knowing that the market has the ability to take care of the high risk businesses makes it all the more comforting. It just seems fair that all kinds should have the ability to process their debit and credit cards, thereby growing exponentially and feeling the American dream in their hands. There are so many advantages to having a high risk merchant account. Here are a few: • Credit card scam protection • Fraud protection • Access to worldwide market •SSL Encrypted Servers • Virtual Terminals • Online Reporting […]

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Your Merchant Chargeback Rights

  Getting a merchant account plays a vital role for ecommerce businesses in adding a professional image, convenience and an ability to earn more revenue. For new ecommerce businesses, online credit card processing may look confusing but with knowledge and experience, business owners can find the ways to keep the flow of online cash without any hitch. One of the most important aspects to learn about as an online merchant is chargeback and what to do when you see it come in. What is a Chargeback? It is simple. If a customer files a complaint at issuing back about the […]

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Starting an e-commerce site with bad credit

When you get the idea that you want to better yourself, having a business is a wonderful way to break free and begin again. Having a store online with multiple products is a great way to begin. But what if you have bad credit haunting you? How will you ever get a merchant account with bad credit, also known as a bad credit merchant account? You may get turned down and you may never get your dream off the runway. Don’t despair When the economy tanked and everyone suffered in one form or another, businesses in the merchant account arena, […]

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