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E-Cig Retailers Anxiously Wait for FDA Regulations

E-cigarette bars where smokers can enjoy a nicotine hit indoors are growing in popularity in cities such as New York but could soon be stubbed out.

Avail Vapor is poised to be the “Starbucks of vaping,” says CEO James Xu. He opened the first Avail Vapor store in 2013 and wants to open 70 more locations by the end of the year in North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Maryland, and Ohio. Xu markets his company to cigarette smokers who are trying to quit, and a new study by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) might help his dreams come true. The study suggests that there may be positive health effects from electronic cigarettes, which could change their image in the public eye. Which is good news […]

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Lack of Regulation Responsible for Positive Perception of E-Cigs?

Electronic cigarette merchants are waiting for the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to decide if e-cigs are going to be subjected to the same regulations as traditional cigarettes. But first the FDA has to discern if and how e-cigs affect public health and their impact on the smoking industry. Eager merchants aren’t the only ones interested in how e-cigs will affect public health and commerce. Academics are now investigating how the public perceives the rules regarding e-cig legislation. Rutgers professors talked to over 519 people about electronic cigarettes and how they believed they are currently regulated. Most people […]

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Booming Vaping Industry Smokes the Competition | Electronic Cigarette Merchant Account

The e-cig industry is projected to surpass the profits of the traditional cigarette market in a few years. Right now, the e-cig market is in flux. Many vapor markets are loosely regulated, if at all, since the FDA has yet to make a firm policy on e-cig regulation. This makes now the time for ambitious entrepreneurs to enter the arena and start their own electronic cigarette merchant account, and establish themselves in the vapor industry before the market constricts or is flooded with competition. How to organize and start an electronic cigarette vape shop One of the most profitable ways […]

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What is an Electronic Cigarette Merchant Account?

Merchant accounts are often talked about, but many do not know what they are, what they do, or why they are important. Merchant accounts help businesses accept plastic card payments, which as you know is a must when doing business these days. It seems easy enough to Google a merchant account provider, but if you are in certain industries, such as the e-cig sales industry, it really is not that simple. This is because the industry as a whole has labeled the e-cig industry, as well as others, as “high risk”. This label means that these businesses are at a […]

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Many Challenges Ahead for the E-Cig Industry

E-Cigs are turning into an alternative to cigarettes, which makes some happy and some angry. While merchants and suppliers are happy, lawmakers are fuming mad, due to its uncertain health effects. This is the time for the e-cig merchants and vendors to unite, and hold a united front in this uncertain time for the industry. E-cigs are electronic cigarettes, thought they technically are not a cigarette. Instead of lighting a tobacco stick and inhaling nicotine, tar, and tobacco, an e-cig is ran off an electrical charge. These little gadgets are usually plugged into a computer via USB cord to charge. […]

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What Effect will the New FDA Regulations have on the E-Cig Industry?

The FDA is pushing for new regulations regarding the electronic cigarette, or e-cig industry. These regulations will include warning labels similar to tobacco cigarettes, making it illegal to sell e-cigs to minors under the age of 18 years old, and the prohibition of free e-cig and e-cig vapor samples. Once finalized, the regulations will establish oversight of what has been a market free-for-all of products, including liquid nicotine vapors of varying quality. It has taken the agency four years since Congress passed a major tobacco-control law in 2009 to get to this stage, and federal officials and advocates say it […]

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New FDA Rules Could Make Starting Electronic Cigarette Merchant Accounts Easier

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released a proposed rule that imposes restrictions on the selling of electronic cigarettes. The new rule also gives the FDA authority over electronic cigarettes, nicotine gels, cigars, hookah, pipe tobacco, and dissolvables. The rules prevent the selling of e-cigs to minors, but does not ban e-cig advertising campaigns. The FDA proposal will place many of the same restrictions of traditional tobacco products on e-cigarettes, such as age restrictions, identification requirements, prohibition of free samples, and prohibition of distribution in vending machines. Most e-cigarette companies are applauding the FDA’s move to regulate […]

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Electronic Cigarette Entrepreneurs Don’t Agree to Proposed ‘Sin’ Taxes

In February there was a press release from the Federal Centers of Disease Control and Prevention indicating that the vapor produced by e-cigarettes has by far fewer toxins than regular cigarette smoke.  But, the study also indicated there needed to be further study done on the effects of long term health effects. Currently, the Federal Food and Drug Administration proposed a rule that would allow it to regulate e-cigarettes. Analysis show that the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association, enforce a federal taxation for e-cigarettes to assist in a decrease of 20% in sales revenue. Electronic cigarette entrepreneurs believe this is […]

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CVS to Put a Stop to the Sale of Tobacco Products

The nation’s second largest drugstore chain, CVS, announced on Wednesday that it plans to stop selling cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco-related products by October 1st of this year. Why? Because CVS wishes to transform itself into the health-services company it has always envisioned itself to be. Larry J. Merlo, president of CVS Caremark, said that “the sale of tobacco products is inconsistent with our purpose” and that he hopes the move will “help people on their path to better health.” Despite this, it is predicted that the move will strip the company of $2 billion of its annual revenue, when […]

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Electronic Cigarette Shops are Helping Our Economy

Tobacco and smoke shops are commonly found across the United States. However, they now have competition. A growing number of local tobacco users now are making regular pilgrimages to get a different sort of nicotine supply at the small but trendy shops that specialize in electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs. The devices are designed to mimic the experience of smoking, but they function quite differently from conventional cigarettes. In 2013, e-cigs sales were nearly $1 billion US dollars. While there is some controversy surrounding these new products, they present a great opportunity for businesses to gain new customers. While these are […]

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