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The Rise of Electronic Cigarettes & Their Effects on Public Health

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, are big news these days. From celebrity endorsements to TV doctors discussing their pros and cons, the e-cig discussion is prevalent. However, while popular, doctors and experts are still torn on their safety, and the safety of the public when exposed to e-cig vapors. E-cigs are a popular alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes, due to their cigarette-like appearance, and the ability to choose your nicotine intake. E-cigs also use a technology called “vapes” or vapors, instead of the traditional inhalation and tobacco smoke.  The biggest issue with e-cigs is that the safeness of the vapors is […]

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Many Challenges Ahead for the E-Cig Industry

E-Cigs are turning into an alternative to cigarettes, which makes some happy and some angry. While merchants and suppliers are happy, lawmakers are fuming mad, due to its uncertain health effects. This is the time for the e-cig merchants and vendors to unite, and hold a united front in this uncertain time for the industry. E-cigs are electronic cigarettes, thought they technically are not a cigarette. Instead of lighting a tobacco stick and inhaling nicotine, tar, and tobacco, an e-cig is ran off an electrical charge. These little gadgets are usually plugged into a computer via USB cord to charge. […]

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What Effect will the New FDA Regulations have on the E-Cig Industry?

The FDA is pushing for new regulations regarding the electronic cigarette, or e-cig industry. These regulations will include warning labels similar to tobacco cigarettes, making it illegal to sell e-cigs to minors under the age of 18 years old, and the prohibition of free e-cig and e-cig vapor samples. Once finalized, the regulations will establish oversight of what has been a market free-for-all of products, including liquid nicotine vapors of varying quality. It has taken the agency four years since Congress passed a major tobacco-control law in 2009 to get to this stage, and federal officials and advocates say it […]

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Electronic Cigarette Entrepreneurs Don’t Agree to Proposed ‘Sin’ Taxes

In February there was a press release from the Federal Centers of Disease Control and Prevention indicating that the vapor produced by e-cigarettes has by far fewer toxins than regular cigarette smoke.  But, the study also indicated there needed to be further study done on the effects of long term health effects. Currently, the Federal Food and Drug Administration proposed a rule that would allow it to regulate e-cigarettes. Analysis show that the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association, enforce a federal taxation for e-cigarettes to assist in a decrease of 20% in sales revenue. Electronic cigarette entrepreneurs believe this is […]

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Are Electronic Cigarettes in the Workplace a Good Idea?

The first country to outlaw smoking may just be Australia. There will be a federal government funded trial to test the viability of electronic cigarettes showing they are safer, and they should be a permanent replacement for tobacco. Labor took on Tobacco in the High Court and introduced to the world laws that vowed to ban all political donations from tobacco companies, but it was not documented whether the Coalition was committed to this ban. Medical experts, cancer groups, and the anti-smoking lobbyists have battled for decades to eliminate cigarettes from “ALL” public places. Although e-cigarettes are not yet federally […]

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How To Get a Payment Processing Account for Electronic Cigarette Sales

The electronic cigarettes are plagued with so many things. One being; a huge amount of sales, and two; the requirements that they must meet. Don’t be shy about finding a merchant account servicer and opening up your market exponentially. Getting an electronic cigarette merchant account will do many things for your business. First and foremost it will open your online sales to a twenty four hour store. Your customers can be purchasing when you have your head on the pillow and your favorite snore going on. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up with sales from the night before? Of […]

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Need an e-cig merchant account?

Online electronic cigarette retailers are one of the fastest growing online industries that involve hundreds of online resellers. Even though, there is high demand for e-cigs due to more awareness and better quality of products, the legal issues related to the electronic cigarette industry makes it hard for online sellers to find a merchant account. Most of the merchant account providers categorize e-cig websites under high risk business due to legal issues involved. Many of the credit card processing companies stopped their services to e-cig industry due to the following reasons Issues and lack of clarity about legality Lack of […]

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Merchant Accounts for Online Tobacco APPROVED

Setting up a merchant account for an online tobacco company is not an easy process. Even if you sell electronic cigarettes, getting approval for a merchant account from a traditional provider can be something of a nightmare. This can severely hinder your ability to process credit card transactions cheaply, forcing you to rely on other payment methods or deal with the high fees imposed by services like Paypal. If you’re a high volume seller or a wholesale provider, high fees can destroy your margins and take a significant chunk out of your profits. So it’s important to find a way […]

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