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2015 Was The Year of CNP

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2015 was the year of e-commerce, and no other area was more impacted by the evolution of payment processing than the card-not-present (CNP) industry. Apple CEO Tim Cook believed 2015 would be the “year of Apple Pay.” Most agree Apple Pay fell extremely short of this goal, but mobile wallets in general exploded this year, bringing the issue of card-not-present fraud to the forefront of e-commerce conversations. The true effects of CNP fraud may not be known for a while. In the meantime, credit card issuers and merchants of all kinds are scrambling to keep up with fraudsters who are […]

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China’s Booming Online Markets are a Force Retailers Shouldn’t Ignore

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China’s online retail markets are not a force to be ignored. The country is already the world’s largest e-commerce market, and Chinese consumers are attaining middle class spending at a historically unprecedented rate. With an understanding of the market, China represents an amazing opportunity for international retailers. The majority of Chinese consumers direct their spending towards treating themselves to personal luxuries. These spending habits have led the country to become the world’s fastest growing “vanity goods” market. In fact, the market has been increasing 15% each year for high-end fashion and beauty goods, personal care items and jewelry. According to […]

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Getting Approved for a High Risk Merchant Account is Easier than you Think

High risk merchant accounts signal some not-so-good comments and thoughts in the processing industry. High risk merchant accounts can leave processors with lost income, overused resources, and a major headache. Merchants typically have the same thoughts when it comes to the industry, and some refuse to deal with products that are labeled as such. However, more and more legitimate, every day companies are becoming labeled as “high risk”, which leaves thousands daily in a bind. While a good high risk merchant account may be hard to find, there are good ones, and getting approved with the right company is easier […]

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Processing Credit Cards for High Risk Merchants

Every merchant needs a credit card processor, however if your business is in the dreaded “high risk” category, it can be hard to find a processor. However, it is not impossible, and there are companies that specialize in high-risk merchants. The high-risk label can deter many processors. The name does not necessarily mean that the company is doomed; the label simply means that these businesses are at a “higher risk” of fraudulent activity, compared to other businesses. High-risk businesses are average, ordinary businesses, such as car dealerships, dating websites, and e-cig vendors.  High-risk businesses are businesses that are up and […]

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Differences between High-Risk and Normal Merchant Accounts

If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur looking into opening a merchant account you may be asking yourself ‘What is the difference between a high risk merchant account and a regular merchant account?’ The answer is there are a great many differences but at the center of the differences is your business. Does your business qualify as high-risk or does it fall within a more conventional commercial sector? Is My Business High Risk? Traditional retail and commercial businesses require a regular merchant account. If your business is, for example, one that is involved in online adult dating, a […]

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The Federal Government is sticking their noses where they don’t belong

As we all suffer through the Obama-care nightmare, more and more issues have arisen in other areas. One that concerns the merchant account arena is a ‘Green Sheet’ article that arrived online September 10, 2013. Why they are concerned about a free enterprise is beyond this writer. When the banks were failing they jumped at the chance to assist them and prevent failure and then the banks gave bonus’s to bankers that did not deserve them and spent money in places it was not needed. They drowned themselves and in turn did not give back to the very people that […]

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How to run your adult dating business online

Finding the perfect someone is the hardest thing to do on the planet. A lot of us get impatient and go looking where searching should not be done. Others try the online venue and get pretty lucky with it. Others get a lot of culls. That does not mean that you shouldn’t put together a site for a specialty group or everyone in general. If you have some awesome software and you are prepared to launch a site for dating, you will also need an adult dating merchant account so you can process your debit and credit card payments. Safely […]

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How to Get a Merchant Account for a New High-Risk Business?

Many new business owners dealing with high-risk niches often find themselves confused about getting a merchant account. One of the reasons why they find it hard to get a merchant account is because every merchant account provider has different terms and conditions for high risk businesses that are different from standard terms and conditions for normal merchant accounts. Some of the common high risk businesses that find it difficult and confusing at the same time to get a merchant account are e-cigs, adult dating sites, medical marijuana, debit collection and many more. Finding a credit repair merchant account is also […]

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How To Effectively Fight A Chargeback On Your Account

If you have a customer that wants to get their money back, you need to be on top of that as quick as possible. There isn’t a merchant account servicer that wants to have chargebacks. And if you don’t know what a chargeback is….. Think refund. You’ve shrugged your shoulders and you have no idea why a refund would be a big deal. With the issuer of the card and your merchant account servicer, it’s a giant thing! The reason starts with major paperwork, a bunch of investigation, and several months of letters going back and forth. Not to mention, […]

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Starting an e-commerce site with bad credit

When you get the idea that you want to better yourself, having a business is a wonderful way to break free and begin again. Having a store online with multiple products is a great way to begin. But what if you have bad credit haunting you? How will you ever get a merchant account with bad credit, also known as a bad credit merchant account? You may get turned down and you may never get your dream off the runway. Don’t despair When the economy tanked and everyone suffered in one form or another, businesses in the merchant account arena, […]

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