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5 Ways to Get Funding with Bad Credit

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Credit scores can now determine if a new business is eligible for even small loans. Many new companies don’t have the longevity that traditional loan institutions want to see in order to lend them money. But there are still some popular alternatives to traditional bank loans. According to a new study, almost 75% of new merchants use less restrictive lenders to acquire the funds necessary to support their businesses. Social Lenders. For working capital, many entrepreneurs have turned to social lending sites. This can be a much more efficient, and slightly informal way to generate capital, as business owners speak […]

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Banks Remain Unwilling to Offer Short-Term, Small-Dollar Loans

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According to The Pew Charitable Trusts’ Nick Bourke, banks could have competed payday lenders out of business a decade ago if they had wanted to. Bourke’s op-ed, “Regulators Should Let Banks Get Back to Small-Dollar Loans”, has received a lot of positive attention and applause. His thoughts have even been supported by the payday industry, which broadly supports the notion that banks should also offer small-dollar loans.   Even in the relatively unregulated environment that existed prior to 2013, very few banks chose to enter this market. If they had chosen to offer some lawful products – similar to what […]

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