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2016 E-Commerce Up, but Ground Delivery Lags Behind

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Americans shopped more online last year than ever. As a result, this holiday season saw record numbers of home deliveries. This caused drastic delays for the nation’s delivery services. Although U.S. retail sales jumped 7.9 percent, online sales surged by 20 percent from 2014 to 2015 during the holidays. Sarah Quinlan, Sr. VP of market insights for MasterCard Advisors, notes that this trend is a good indicator that consumers now have a preference for e-commerce. Data shows that online activity was heavy up until a few days before Christmas. Despite severe backlogs, many retailers were still guaranteeing next-day delivery all […]

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“We haven’t even begun to see just how many transactions are going to take place online.” – Natalie Massenet Accepting payments online or over the phone involves more risks than face-to-face transactions. Fraud and chargebacks are two major risks. Why Card-Not-Present Are Risker? It is more challenging to achieve legitimacy when neither cardholder nor the card is present. Moreover, the level of chargebacks is higher as payments processed online or over the phone are associated with a larger number of errors. Fraud can be fought using various tools. Best card acceptance practices can help mitigate fraud and chargeback levels. Choosing […]

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e-Commerce Shopping Can Be Safer Than a Visit to The Mall

It does not seem that a week goes by without some news coverage about a large retail chain’s credit card security being breached. Millions upon millions of Americans have had their identities stolen, fraudulent charges on their credit cards and new credit being issued in their names without their knowledge. Will it ever end? Most consumers are very happy with the added security in the 2-Commerce area and merchants are very pleased that they are able to secure a bad credit merchant account. The hackers that were able to get into Target, Home Depot and The Neiman Marcus Group are […]

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