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By The High Risk Guys

Cashing in With an Escort Merchant Account

Face the facts in the 21st century. Sex sells. Actually, sex sold back as far as Pompeii and probably even further if someone did the research. If the oldest profession in the world has been around for so long, why is an escort merchant account still considered high risk? In this instance risk is not associated with diseases but with chargebacks. You may be at complete odds with lumping your business in with all the others that sell something to do with sex. You say that your company only provides legitimate escorts and nothing more.  It isn’t that you are […]

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Owning a High-Quality Escort Service Can Be Very Lucrative

In the not too distant past a person who owned an escort service tried to keep it a secret. In the public’s eye male owners were akin to pimps and the women were all madams of houses of ill repute. Times have changed and most escort services have changed with them. Unfortunately it is still difficult to set up an escort merchant account. To say the business world has changed in the last 30 years would truly be an understatement. If you have flown for business in the last month or so, take a look at the demographics of the […]

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Make it Rain with Male Escort Services and an Escort Merchant Account

The escort business is one of the largest adult entertainment industries on earth. Although not as large as the female escort market, the male escort market is still a lucrative investment for individuals who are ambitious enough to take it on. With the right ingredients for success, even a novice can start and manage a successful male escort business that will make tons of cash by setting up a reputable male escort merchant account. Can I Make Money in the Male Escort Industry? The escort industry is one of the most lucrative in the world, and more money is being […]

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Why You Need an Adult Escort Merchant Account for Your Business

Merchant accounts are crucial for any business. It may seem as though an adult escort agency does not need an account, as many clients opt to pay with cash, in order to keep the paper trail away from them. While this may be true, there are still clients who would love to use a plastic debit or credit card, but cannot unless you have a merchant account. While it seems as though any bank or merchant account processor would love the business of a successful company, this is not the case when it comes to an adult-oriented business. The financial […]

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