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By The High Risk Guys

Light up Washington: Legalized Recreational Marijuana Sales Hit Washington State

Tuesday July 8th marked a wonderful day in Washington State: The first day of legalized recreational marijuana sales. While medicinal marijuana has been around for a while, the new law that legalized recreational marijuana can help stimulate Washington’s economy, which is great since some fear that it may have taken a hit thanks to the newly implemented $15 per hour minimum wage hike. Sadly, not everyone can get into the act right now. Legalized recreational marijuana must be grown in Washington State, and since the law was quickly passed and signed, the vast majority of licensed growers could not produce […]

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Without Fed Help, Marijuana Merchants Face a Tough Future

Colorado marijuana retailers are facing a tough challenge, thanks to the way banks and merchant account providers view their business. While there is legislation in the works, Congress does not seem to be motivated to pass anything to support the legalized marijuana industry. Banks and traditional merchant account processors are hesitant to deal with these companies, as they consider them “high risk”, due to their higher risk or fraudulent activity. However, all hope is not lost for obtaining a merchant account. Banks and traditional merchant account providers are not just turning away marijuana retailers. They are turning away all businesses […]

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Vast Majority of New Yorkers Support Medical Marijuana

The medical marijuana industry is getting a big push from New York residents. They support the usage overwhelmingly, in fact, over 90% support it. The majority of residents also support the legalization of recreational marijuana in small amounts. This has been done in other states, namely Colorado, and it helps de-clog the court system as well as helps grow small businesses. If you are in an area that offers legalized marijuana, and you are looking to start-up a business, consider a marijuana retail business. While it may seem like an easy task – buy marijuana and sell it – there […]

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