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By The High Risk Guys

Brick and Mortar Firearms Dealers Can Have an Online Presence

You may already have a store that sells guns and ammunition but you are looking to expand your operation by selling online as well. You are currently in a high risk bracket as far as your credit card processor is concerned and they have told you they do not want to support you in an online business. They may tell you that you need a separate online firearm merchant account that is independent of your brick and mortar account but they will not be the ones handling it. Actually, you are a little insulted. You have been a good customer. […]

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Do Background Checks Affect Online Firearm Sales?

It would be an understatement to say that the country is up in arms. On one side you have the proponents of gun legislation wanting to require background checks on all sales of guns. This would include private sales, sales at gun shows and all online sales. On the other hand you have the powerful gun lobby that wants no restrictions as these consider them unconstitutional. Would these new rules affect businesses with an online firearm merchant account? In a nutshell, the background checks specifically prohibit the sale of guns to those with criminal records or the mentally ill. People […]

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Is There a Safe Way to Purchase Firearms Online?

The constitution guarantees the rights of all Americans to own firearms – except convicted felons and those who are mentally ill. One may question that if we have a constitution right to purchase a firearm and a constitutional right to sell a firearm, why is an online firearms merchant account considered high risk? There are a lot of politics involved as well as finger pointing. The Brady Bill and other bills require a three day waiting period prior to purchasing and licensing a gun. This is supposed to give the legitimate brick and mortar gun store owner reasonable time to […]

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Smart Guns Will Have Little Effect on the US Firearm Industry | Online Firearm Merchant Account

“Smart” guns are garnering a lot of talk, however they probably will not make the US firearm industry any better. These guns supposedly work with a feature that only allows the gun to be fired when a five-digit PIN is entered into it. Of course, anything that concerns a PIN number can easily be hacked by techie hackers, yet the “smart” gun manufacturers maintain that these is the best solution for the firearm industry. While only time will tell, firearm sales are still booming. While many hate the extra steps they must go through to purchase a gun, they go […]

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Online Firearm Shops | The New Way To Buy Firearms with a Merchant Account

An online firearm shop can be a good business. While gun legislation has become more prominent in recent years, there is still great potential in the gun market. Gun repair, sale and trade of weaponry in addition to ammunition and accessories leave plenty of room for new businesses. Starting the business can vary in regard to cost but can be done with ease. After the website for the shop is set up there are many outlets for the marketing and promotion of an online firearm shop. Seeking out relationships with existing gun clubs, gun ranges and aficionados can help spread […]

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What is an Online Firearm Merchant Account and Why You Need One

Online firearm sales are booming, thanks in part to new brick and mortar firearm and ammo sales regulations. Many have now sought out online sources for purchasing their guns and ammo, be it a small purchase, or a bulk ammo purchase. This is the perfect time to cash in on the business; however, there are a few things that you must consider first. First off, you must make sure that it is legal in your area. Consult your local Chamber of Commerce and Secretary of State’s websites to make sure that your new online venture is legal. Secondly, you need […]

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