Seducing beautiful woman looking at her lover with wine glass.Escorts get a bad rap. They are often confused with street-corner prostitutes, and many cities have laws against them because of this misconception. While not legal in all places, many cities are taking steps to legalize these companies, as they are known to be moneymakers. A law abiding business that is lucrative also brings much needed tax revenue to the city and county, and this many times can outweigh the bad perception of the industry.

One great thing about the legalization of the escort profession is the ability for the escorts to accept carrier billing. Carrier billing is mobile billing, there he or she can accept a plastic card payment using a cell phone. This can be done with a card scanner or with software where the card’s information in entered via keypad. This can save time, and is safer than carrying cash around. Also, for men and women who are looking to be discreet, the quick process of paying via cell phone is much better than having to go to an escort agency to make your payment.

One negative is that escort merchant accounts are still hard to find. This new carrier billing technology does not help matters, and most merchant account providers are iffy of mobile payments systems. You need to make sure that you obtain an escort merchant account from a high risk merchant account processor. While many high risk merchant account providers claim to be experts in the industry, not all are familiar with the ins and outs of escort merchant accounts. This is because the industry is still considered to be taboo to some merchant account providers. There is only one solution for you: HRG.

With HRG, you are getting the foremost expert in escort merchant accounts. While others take on the account, and then drop it once a fraudulent claim is made, we at HRG know that this is simply part of the industry. We will not punish you or your business for issues that arise that are considered to be “normal” in the industry.

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