Paying with credit cardThe old way of accepting only cash is over for escorts. Thanks to The High Risk Guys, escort merchant accounts are available. While the “cash only” method may work for some, most everyone carries a plastic card, be it a credit or debit card. Businesses that accept plastic payment cards are generally more successful, and every business deserve success. While you may think that an escort merchant account is costly, it is not. In fact, obtaining and keeping an escort merchant account can be as easy with HRG.

While there are others who offer up escort merchant accounts, not all are supportive of their accounts. This is because escort merchant accounts fall into the “high risk” merchant account category, and this category is highly stigmatized in the industry. Even many who claim to be in the high risk processing industry are hesitant to take on high risk merchant accounts. These accounts have higher risks of fraudulent charges, and a higher risk of closure and failure. However, if you have paid attention to the media in the past few years, every business is at risk of hacking and fraudulent activity. Even so, high risk businesses get the short end of the stick when it comes to many things in the processing industry. Many who provide these merchant accounts provide the account, but with less-than-great software, terminals, security, and high processing rates. Processing rates can doom a company, especially a company as fragile as an escort service. This is one of the reasons you need to look to The High Risk Guys when you are in need of an escort merchant account.

Another reason you should consider an escort merchant account with The High Risk Guys is the lightening-fast application approval time. In most cases, escort merchant account applications are approved within 48 hours. This way, you can get on with your business, with the added ability to accept plastic card payments as often as needed.

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