Teenage girl text messaging on her phoneLately, it doesn’t seem like any business is safe from fraud, whether they are categorized as high risk or not. As the media has shown, the number of businesses targeted and the scale of which the hacking and fraudulent activity occurs has been increasing in the past few years. Because of this, many providers that claim to be in the high risk processing industry are becoming hesitant to take on high risk merchant accounts.

For businesses in the adult industry, this has made it even more difficult to secure safe payment processing solutions. Not to mention those in the escort business. While it isn’t impossible to find those who are willing to offer escort merchant accounts, not all of them are supportive.

You might be able to secure an account, but the software, terminal and securities will be less than ideal, not to mention the processing rates. Processing rates can be a big problem for a company. Escort businesses are extremely fragile, so finding an ideal processing rate is even more crucial.

For escorts, the old way of doing things was by accepting cash only. While this method may still work for some, businesses generally experience more success when they accept credit and debit cards. That being said, it is important to search for a provider who is willing to work with your needs – despite the categorization of your business being high risk.

One such provider is The High Risk Guys. You will not only find an escort merchant account, but you will be offered safe and efficient software, terminal and securities. The greatest advantage to this escort merchant account is that the application approval time is lightning-fast. For the majority of applications, the approval time period is within 48 hours.

Don’t let the fact that the escort business is highly stigmatized in the industry stop you from securing an escort merchant account. There are alternative lending providers that are willing to work with you despite the “high risk” involved. Just be sure you really interview the company and make sure that their software and securities are what you need to get on with your business.

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