Government Credit Cards Used for Gambling and EscortsCredit card use by government employees is not always as it should be. Although President Obama signed the Government Charge Card Abuse Prevention Act in 2012, many Pentagon employees are still getting away with abusive charges. Gambling, escort services and other adult activities have been spotted on numerous government credit card bills, causing a lot of worry as to how our money is really being spent.

With merchant processing companies like The High-Risk Guys making it easier for escort services to accept credit card payments, government employees have been using their company cards to pay for such luxuries. Escort services are normally considered high-risk businesses, making it nearly impossible for them to get approved for an escort merchant account. However, HRG makes it easier than ever for such services to get approved and accept credit card payments.

Gambling and other high-risk companies can also get approved quite easily, making it easier than ever for government employees to pay using their agency credit cards.

Government Not Responsible

Although these charges were made using government credit cards, the charges are not the government’s responsibility. Each government employee is responsible for charges made on their card. The government is off the hook, but thorough auditing should definitely be implemented in order to avoid this from becoming a reoccurring issue.

The employees in question are fully responsible for reimbursing the charges made on their cards for such activities. While this should resolve the issue, it’s far from being a suitable penalty for employees who break the rules. Employees who use their agency cards for escorts, casinos and other adult activities should have to deal with much more serious consequences.

Why Use Agency Cards

Using agency credit cards to pay for such services allows employees to keep it from their wives. It’s a much easier way for them to get away with cheating and gambling. Although they may have gotten away with it for quite some time, auditing and penalties will backfire and cause their wives to find out all of the details of their agency credit card use.

Pentagon employees may like to think that they are above the law, but stricter rules are being applied in order to prevent this type of spending from ever happening again. Although jail time is most likely out of the question, they will definitely have to face penalties and quite possibly job loss.

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