Merchant accounts always have a volume limit associated with them. Many merchants want higher monthly volumes than what they are approved for. Traditional, low risk credit card processors are much more restrictive with monthly volumes. Many merchants may want to process 100k or more per month, but they only get approved for 30k.

The High Risk Guys can help, we specialize in high volume merchant accounts and we have solutions tailored to meet the needs of these merchant types. We offer load balancing gateways, multiple MID’s and banks that support volumes in excess of 5MM per month.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

This statement is especially true with merchant services. If you are a high volume merchant, it’s imperative that you have multiple merchant accounts, with multiple providers. However, this can get to be quite the headache if you go about setting them up yourself. You’ll have to deal with different sales people, different contracts, different gateways and virtual terminals and different customer service numbers.

We offer our merchants the ability to get multiple merchant accounts from multiple providers, all in one place. You can deal with one sales person, one application, one customer service number, and get as many MID’s as you need. This way if you’re only approved for 30k on your first account, but you need 150k, we’ll get you 5 different merchant accounts.

How to manage multiple merchant accounts?

Ourload balancing gateway and virtual terminal allows us to input multiple merchant accounts into one gateway. That way high volume merchants can set up different merchant accounts and the transactions will automatically spread out between the accounts based on different variables that you can set.

This is a great solution, especially for merchants that may want higher volumes than they are approved for. Our technology makes it very simple and easy for high volume merchants to effectively manage their credit card processing services.

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