Merchants involved in the high-risk industry know traditional banks and the majority of processors stay away from their high-risk business because of higher chargeback rates and risks. As a rule, they turn to alternative providers to get approved for payment processing solutions without major challenges.

Payment Processing For High Risk Merchants

The High Risk Guys offer high risk merchants both traditional credit card processing and next-day check payments, POS systems and terminals. HRG provides deployment services based on the size and specific needs of your business, regardless of your credit.

HRG specializes in the high-risk sector and knows your business like no other processor. With HRG, high-risk merchants can enjoy fast signup and excellent support. Thanks to its proactive team, HRG will help you with all your processing needs.

Get your high risk merchant account at HRG and start growing your business to reach financial success. The High Risk Guys have 99% approval rating, offer no application fees, fast approval, and competitive pricing.

POS Systems And Payment Gateways

The High Risk Guys offer POS systems and payment gateways to all business types – retail, online sales, commercial/industrial supply, or direct marketing. HRG provides merchants with a full suite of payment processing options, including tangible and virtual terminals.

Signing up is quick and easy. Interested merchants will need a few things to get started, like identification and banking information. Once complete, HRG’s team will take over from there and get in touch you.

The High Risk Guys also offer check processing services, such as eCheck, Checks by Phone, Paper Guarantee, and Checks by Web.

HRG makes things easier for you. You can sign up for credit card processing services today and start accepting payments tomorrow.

HRG’s application takes just a few minutes. All you need is just fill out HRG’s online application, which will take you a few minutes to complete. The experienced team at HRG will follow up with you to finalize the process and set up your account. There is no step 3! Get ready to accept payments and start earning!

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