The male escort business is one of the fastest growing sectors in the adult industry. In fact, over a third of escorts that advertise services are men that offer sex and companionship to women. The number of male escorts in the UK has skyrocketed from 5,246 in 2010 to 15,732 according to a study by the universities of Birmingham and Lancaster. This new trend could mean big business for daring entrepreneurs who want to start and manage a successful male escort service.

Researchers in the study went through 27,000 online listings. 36 percent of male escorts were serving women, while another 30 percent were aimed at women, but wanted lesbian romps. Dr. Sarah Kingston, of Lancaster University, noted that most women seeking male escorts are professionals seeking a pleasurable experience. Women enjoy the discretion that escorts provide, and also the companionship aspect. The study found that women usually want more than sexual intercourse. They want to go to dinner or out for a drink before having sex to establish an emotional connection.

The reasons women book male escorts vary. Some just want a handsome date for the evening, others want to impress their colleagues, or just have a night of great sex. Users of male escort services state that they enjoy them because bookings are easy and uncomplicated. Plus most are extremely busy and don’t want to deal with needy or dramatic partners. They just want a pleasurable physical experience with no strings attached.

Women also like feeling in control of the exchange. Searching for and booking male escorts is simple. Although some escorts still advertise in the papers, most have gravitated online, where women can browse through profiles, pick their perfect guy, and connect.

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