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4 Tips to Keep Your Adult Dating Site on Top | Adult Dating Merchant Account

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Adult dating websites are one of the most profitable new industries in the world. Millions of singles every year flock to websites to find their ultimate love match, an escort, or simply a hook up. Now, bold entrepreneurs are making millions by creating niche websites dedicated to only a few high demand desires. Consumers can find anything they want online, from elicit sexual encounters to ready to order wives. If you are interested in starting your own adult dating website, here are a few trends that can help you develop a moneymaking enterprise. Timing is Everything If you want to […]

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The High Risk Guys #1 for Escort Merchant Account Services and Adult Entertainers

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The adult escort business has quickly become one of the most lucrative types of businesses in the nation. Right now, escort entrepreneurs are making huge profits due to a global interest in finding love and companionship on the internet. Even though adult escort services are experiencing incredible gains, many escort merchants have a difficult time finding payment processing or loans from traditional financial institutions. Without comprehensive payment processing, the profits for your escort services will be severely limited. Why do adult escort services have such a hard time acquiring payment processing or small business loans? Escort services are classified as […]

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Bad Credit Merchant Account Holders | 4 Steps to Good Business Credit

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Credit scores are an important part to a business’ ability to get loans, find payment processing and be successful. But having bad credit doesn’t have to be crippling if business owners work hard to build it back up. The following are a few tried and true ways that entrepreneurs can bring up their credit scores and build a foundation for success in the future. Keep Information Current with Credit Bureaus. Pick three qualified credit bureaus to monitor your business credit. Unlink personal credit scores, business credit scores are far less streamlined. There are a few bureaus you can choose from […]

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Acai Berry Merchants Rejoice | Acai Berry Is Your Next Big Investment


Acai berries are the new natural health food that has taken the world by storm. Acai berries are a purple and reddish fruit made from the acai palm tree. The berries have been endorsed by world renowned doctors like Dr. Oz., and have become famous for their unique ability to support heart health, aid in weight loss, promote skin health, and more. If you are searching for a successful weight loss solution to invest in, acai berries may be the perfect investment for you. The market for acai berries is growing as consumers learn of their various benefits. The fruits […]

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Electronic Cigarette Merchant Account Holders Be Aware | Illinois Fines Minors for E-Cig Use

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In a few months, the state of Illinois will see a few changes to laws concerning electronic cigarettes. As of June 1st, anyone below 18-years-old who is caught with an e-cig will get a citation. Offenders will face a fine of $100 or have to serve up to 30 hours of community service. These penalties also apply to other nicotine based products. This new legislation is in addition to the existing state law that prohibits selling e-cigs to individuals under the age of 18. The new laws are satisfactory to many health advocates who are weary of the health effects […]

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5 Ways To Make HCG Merchant Account Subscription Billing Easier


HCG Merchant Account Offered By HRG The High Risk Guys specialize in the high-risk industry. HRG offers highly reliable merchant accounts like Human Chronic Gonadotropin or HCG merchant account. HCG is one of the most popular weight-loss drugs on the market. Online payment processors like highrisk-merchantaccount.com will get you approved for your HCG merchant account with low hassle. Moreover, HRG merchants will have 24/7 support without extra fees or time zone restrictions. The High Risk Guys provide fast signup and great support. Thanks to our support and agent teams, you can get answers to all your questions. HRG has a […]

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Identity Theft Leads to Credit Repair

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Based on a newly released data from ACI Worldwide, CreditRepair.com’s president Scott Smith reports that online retail fraud has grown by 30 percent in 2015. Identity theft can hardly be fought. However, it is possible to mitigate the impact of breach on your credit. Online Fraud Or Identity Theft Online fraud or identity theft can be a great damage to consumer credit. According to Adobe holiday shopping forecast, holiday online shopping is expected to be larger than in-store in 2016, and total online sales are believed to be higher by 11% than last year, thus counting for $83 billion. Smith […]

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World Obesity Creates Major Weight Loss Market | Raspberry Ketone Merchant Account

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Nearly 33% of Americans are overweight, and out of that 50 % are obese. But the overweight crisis isn’t just perpetuated by America. In 2004, it was revealed that almost 45% of the world’s population was obese or overweight. This is ominous news for healthcare experts, who warn that the consumption of fatty foods and lack of exercise will lead to a worldwide health crisis in the near future. But now is also a time of great opportunity for those in the weight management and supplement industry to educate consumers on weight loss tools and management. If you are searching […]

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2015 Was The Year of CNP

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2015 was the year of e-commerce, and no other area was more impacted by the evolution of payment processing than the card-not-present (CNP) industry. Apple CEO Tim Cook believed 2015 would be the “year of Apple Pay.” Most agree Apple Pay fell extremely short of this goal, but mobile wallets in general exploded this year, bringing the issue of card-not-present fraud to the forefront of e-commerce conversations. The true effects of CNP fraud may not be known for a while. In the meantime, credit card issuers and merchants of all kinds are scrambling to keep up with fraudsters who are […]

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Policy Rider Fails to Make Spending Bill, E-Cig Industry Now Faces Prohibition

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Despite having the support of the e-cigarette industry and the strong backing of the Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) – one of the most powerful advocacy groups in Washington D.C. – a policy rider has failed to make it into the House’s omnibus spending bill released the night of January 12th. This policy rider had the potential to change the FDA’s rules regarding e-cigarette products. Businesses and advocates were depending on this rider to change the industry’s obligation to undergo the costly Pre-Market Tobacco Applications (PMTA) process. According to The Daily Caller, “This provision was vitally important to vaping businesses […]

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