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How Merchants Can Deal With The Ripple Effect Of Card-Not-Present Payment Processing Identity Theft

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It is interesting to know what happens when data breaches occur. Particularly, see where the stolen data goes after the breach. After Data Breaches According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, data breaches have covered over 675 million data records in the US, since 2005. Massive network security breaches have happened both to the US government and universities, retailers, and healthcare providers. Breached data include addresses, names, credit card numbers, names of local bank branches, social security numbers, phone numbers, and more. Fraudsters sell these records to aggregators, who create cross-references and combine full identities known as “fullz.” This information […]

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Breaches Show that Big Box Stores Are Not Immune to Hackers

A year ago, people were confused with the Target and Neiman Marcus data breaches. How could that happen to such established, lucrative, and large companies? Well, we quickly learned through other “big box” and chain hackings that no company is immune. From TJ MAXX, to Panda Express, to Home Depot, hackings are becoming more and more common, and many are thinking of forgoing using their plastic payment cards at all. However, as small business, you still need to take protections to ensure that your customers are safe, and therefore they can use their plastic payment cards. Even though every business […]

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Data Breaches: Small Tides Turn to Tsunami Waves for Merchants

Every few weeks on the news, it seems as though there is a new data breach. First, it was Target, then Panda Express, and more recently Home Depot. While merchants do everything they can to protect their business, ruthless hackers are able to hack into their information anyway. While it is usually not the merchants’ fault that they were hacked, many merchant account providers hold the mentality that it is, and they can drop your business if they consider it a risk. While it seems unethical, it is not, and the reality is that it occurs every day for various […]

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Data Thieves are Branching Out from Cardholder Data

Cardholder data has and still is the largest target for data thieves. However, hackers are beginning to build diversified portfolios. More and more of data breaches are involving data other than cardholder data. The U.S. is the prime location for hackers because it still uses 43-year-old technology in payment cards with magnetic strips. According to ISO – Industry News, 42% of all malwares reside in the U.S. The U.S. is making the transition to EMV chip-based cards soon, with a deadline of October 2015. After that date, there will be a fraud liability shift affecting those who are unprepared for […]

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Why Did Target Pass a PCI Inspection Just Before The Breach?

After the notorious data breach in December that compromised 40 million customers’ payment card numbers, Target has announced recently that just 3 months before this occurred; they passed its latest Payment Card Industry (PCI) inspection with flying colors. Clearly, this has come as a shock to many and has sparked many confused questions. Target, which is based in Minneapolis, has joined the long and ever-growing list of retailers and payment processors that have passed their latest annual PCI inspection, only to report terrible breaches under a year later. The news of their passing of the PCI inspection came on the […]

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