Chargeback Protection For Escort Industry Workers


It has recently been taken into serious consideration that escorts and those working in the adult industry are certainly familiar with the unfair scheme that is chargebacks. Those with escort merchant accounts will likely know the ins and outs of chargebacks. On the other hand, for the people that are unfamiliar with this, here is a definition. Chargebacks generally occur when a consumer wishes to be refunded his or her money after purchasing a product or service. The chargeback is usually initiated by the issuing bank or credit card company of the consumer, who tend to charge the supplier back for any money lost in the transaction. Clearly, this is unfair, and is done too often.

Unfortunately for the majority of escorts in the United States, chargebacks happen more than often due to the nature of the industry. The truth is that banks and credit card companies tend to side with the consumer, because the purchase can easily look fraudulent when, in fact, it is totally genuine. Because of the high amount of chargebacks and the “high risk” reputation of the industry, many banks will not provide merchant accounts for escorts and sex workers.

This is where we come in. With our high risk merchant account, escorts can benefit from our protection against chargebacks and our security to sex workers who are in need of a reliable and trustworthy payment processing solution. We understand how escorts are regularly taken advantage of with chargebacks, and are unfairly turned away by major financial institutions because of potential risks. This is why we are happy to be on the same side as workers in the adult industry, and give everybody a chance to obtain our unique merchant accounts for high-risk businesses. Set up yours today.

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