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HRG Offers The Best Credit Card Terminals For Your High Risk Business

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Merchants involved in the high-risk industry know traditional banks and the majority of processors stay away from their high-risk business because of higher chargeback rates and risks. As a rule, they turn to alternative providers to get approved for payment processing solutions without major challenges. Payment Processing For High Risk Merchants The High Risk Guys offer high risk merchants both traditional credit card processing and next-day check payments, POS systems and terminals. HRG provides deployment services based on the size and specific needs of your business, regardless of your credit. HRG specializes in the high-risk sector and knows your business […]

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“Danger can never be overcome without taking risks.” – Latin Proverb    There are 2 factors that make your business high risk. First, you operate in a high-risk industry. Second, your business has risks of financial failure. Both factors play an important role in obtaining a merchant account, insurance, and financing for your company. Why Is Your Business High Risk? The reason why merchant account providers and banks rank businesses as high risk is the increased amount of chargebacks, refunds and returns, and fraud associated with credit card processing. Bad credit histories are also considered as high risk. Finally, companies operating […]

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China’s Booming Online Markets are a Force Retailers Shouldn’t Ignore

Portrait of young male mechanic in bicycle store, Beijing

China’s online retail markets are not a force to be ignored. The country is already the world’s largest e-commerce market, and Chinese consumers are attaining middle class spending at a historically unprecedented rate. With an understanding of the market, China represents an amazing opportunity for international retailers. The majority of Chinese consumers direct their spending towards treating themselves to personal luxuries. These spending habits have led the country to become the world’s fastest growing “vanity goods” market. In fact, the market has been increasing 15% each year for high-end fashion and beauty goods, personal care items and jewelry. According to […]

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What Does the Classification of High Risk Mean for Your Business?

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Upon starting your business or looking into starting one did you discover that your business is considered to be high risk? This categorization confuses many entrepreneurs who do not understand what this classification means and how to deal with it. If your business is considered high risk, this classification can be for many reasons. If a business owner suffers from bad credit, for example, a business may be considered high risk for traditional providers. If the business is a start-up, it will obviously have no history of previous credit card processing which can also give it this classification. In addition, […]

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In Today’s World, Every Day Business Are “High Risk”

High risk businesses get a bad rep from the processing industry and hackers. While some businesses are indeed “high risk”, others have the label for odd reasons. While all merchants deserve a merchant account, it can be had to find a high risk merchant account, due to this stigma. Thankfully, there are processors like HRG that house all types of high risk merchant accounts – all with expertise and industry accolade. The lineup of high risk businesses seems endless. From e-cig merchants, to adult dating websites, to medical marijuana merchants, and even bail bonds companies, these are every day companies […]

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Tips for Operating a High Risk Business

Operating a high risk business is never easy, regardless as to why it is classified as high risk. For some, it is because their credit is poor or non-existent. For others, the label comes from the type of business they operate, i.e., an adult dating website or an online gambling website. Regardless, the label can be scary to new merchants, but there are things that you can do to ensure that your business operates smoothly. While every business faces obstacles, high risk businesses tend to face more, or at least they seem more severe. One of the biggest issues with […]

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What to do When You Are Considered a High Risk Merchant?

Are you a brand new brick and mortar company opening your doors for the first time? It can be exciting as well as nerve-wracking. You have gotten all your ducks in a row. Inventory is in and is displayed artistically. The only hitch at this point is waiting on the approval of your new merchant account. It has been two weeks and you do not know what the delay is. Finally your bank or credit card processor gets back to you and tells you that you are declined because you are a high risk. They were polite enough to say […]

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How Can Hosting Speed Dating Be Considered High Risk?

This is a conundrum, isn’t it? Speed dating can be a blast. A person gets to meet a dozen or so potential candidates in the least amount of time. If a member finds someone a total dud, they only have to spend a few minutes with the person. No long lunch plans, no worrisome evening date and there is no risk that an unwanted suitor will get your phone number. Why would an organizer need an adult dating merchant account? Many organizers advertise their sessions online and take payments online. Some clients who do not pre-pay and chose to pay […]

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Merchant Accounts for High Risk Businesses

The economy is seeing signs of improvement and this is positive for businesses all around the world. It means more money spent on items by consumers and this is positive. However, with the increase in the ability to purchase items online, this means the use of paying by cash is no longer the top option in paying for these goods and services. When the economic downturn happened, it had a knock-on effect on obtaining credit. The rules and the regulations tightened, subprime leading should not occur, the risk is too great. However, the future is looking brighter in terms of […]

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Without Fed Help, Marijuana Merchants Face a Tough Future

Colorado marijuana retailers are facing a tough challenge, thanks to the way banks and merchant account providers view their business. While there is legislation in the works, Congress does not seem to be motivated to pass anything to support the legalized marijuana industry. Banks and traditional merchant account processors are hesitant to deal with these companies, as they consider them “high risk”, due to their higher risk or fraudulent activity. However, all hope is not lost for obtaining a merchant account. Banks and traditional merchant account providers are not just turning away marijuana retailers. They are turning away all businesses […]

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