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Cyber Monday Sets Records but Led to Major Outages

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Cyber Monday made the websites of some major retailers come to a halt this year. The American people spent a whopping $3.1 billion on Monday according to digital measurement firm comScore. However, the websites of Target, Foot Locker, Victoria’s Secret, and Neiman Marcus along with PayPal all went down for a moment during the busiest online shopping day of the year. Experts attribute the outage to high web traffic. Although such an outage most likely won’t happen at any other point of the year, it does suggest that the infrastructure of some companies may not be ready for the rapid […]

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The Advantages for Manufacturers who accept Credit and Debit Cards

Should manufacturers accept credit and debit cards? For some time, it has been unheard of for manufacturers and similar companies in the Business to Business (B2B) segment to make and receive payments from each other through the use of credit and debit cards. Recently, it has become more and more common, due to the benefits involved. According to Patrick Hare of CPN, “One of the most overlooked avenues in the credit card processing field involves business-to-business (B2B) merchant services. Every day, company owners pay invoices with corporate credit and debit cards.” The first benefit of using this payment method is […]

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The Federal Government is sticking their noses where they don’t belong

As we all suffer through the Obama-care nightmare, more and more issues have arisen in other areas. One that concerns the merchant account arena is a ‘Green Sheet’ article that arrived online September 10, 2013. Why they are concerned about a free enterprise is beyond this writer. When the banks were failing they jumped at the chance to assist them and prevent failure and then the banks gave bonus’s to bankers that did not deserve them and spent money in places it was not needed. They drowned themselves and in turn did not give back to the very people that […]

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The benefits of opening a High Risk Merchant Account

Having a merchant account is such a great advantage to a merchant. Knowing that the market has the ability to take care of the high risk businesses makes it all the more comforting. It just seems fair that all kinds should have the ability to process their debit and credit cards, thereby growing exponentially and feeling the American dream in their hands. There are so many advantages to having a high risk merchant account. Here are a few: • Credit card scam protection • Fraud protection • Access to worldwide market •SSL Encrypted Servers • Virtual Terminals • Online Reporting […]

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How to run your adult dating business online

Finding the perfect someone is the hardest thing to do on the planet. A lot of us get impatient and go looking where searching should not be done. Others try the online venue and get pretty lucky with it. Others get a lot of culls. That does not mean that you shouldn’t put together a site for a specialty group or everyone in general. If you have some awesome software and you are prepared to launch a site for dating, you will also need an adult dating merchant account so you can process your debit and credit card payments. Safely […]

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How to Get a Merchant Account for a New High-Risk Business?

Many new business owners dealing with high-risk niches often find themselves confused about getting a merchant account. One of the reasons why they find it hard to get a merchant account is because every merchant account provider has different terms and conditions for high risk businesses that are different from standard terms and conditions for normal merchant accounts. Some of the common high risk businesses that find it difficult and confusing at the same time to get a merchant account are e-cigs, adult dating sites, medical marijuana, debit collection and many more. Finding a credit repair merchant account is also […]

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Need an e-cig merchant account?

Online electronic cigarette retailers are one of the fastest growing online industries that involve hundreds of online resellers. Even though, there is high demand for e-cigs due to more awareness and better quality of products, the legal issues related to the electronic cigarette industry makes it hard for online sellers to find a merchant account. Most of the merchant account providers categorize e-cig websites under high risk business due to legal issues involved. Many of the credit card processing companies stopped their services to e-cig industry due to the following reasons Issues and lack of clarity about legality Lack of […]

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Starting an e-commerce site with bad credit

When you get the idea that you want to better yourself, having a business is a wonderful way to break free and begin again. Having a store online with multiple products is a great way to begin. But what if you have bad credit haunting you? How will you ever get a merchant account with bad credit, also known as a bad credit merchant account? You may get turned down and you may never get your dream off the runway. Don’t despair When the economy tanked and everyone suffered in one form or another, businesses in the merchant account arena, […]

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What is a secure payment gateway?

The secure payment gateway is the information trail that is encrypted with our data between the terminal or computer, and the bank it’s retrieving the money from. Although many more things occur than that, that is the short definition of the transaction. High risk merchant account services No matter where you buy your product from, or bill pay from, it travels through a secure gateway to make sure your payment is not stolen along the way. Pirates and hackers are all over the place daily, and the worst thing that can occur, is your payment walks off with one of […]

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