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By The High Risk Guys

How To Get a Payment Processing Account for Electronic Cigarette Sales

The electronic cigarettes are plagued with so many things. One being; a huge amount of sales, and two; the requirements that they must meet. Don’t be shy about finding a merchant account servicer and opening up your market exponentially. Getting an electronic cigarette merchant account will do many things for your business. First and foremost it will open your online sales to a twenty four hour store. Your customers can be purchasing when you have your head on the pillow and your favorite snore going on. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up with sales from the night before? Of […]

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How to Get a Merchant Account for a New High-Risk Business?

Many new business owners dealing with high-risk niches often find themselves confused about getting a merchant account. One of the reasons why they find it hard to get a merchant account is because every merchant account provider has different terms and conditions for high risk businesses that are different from standard terms and conditions for normal merchant accounts. Some of the common high risk businesses that find it difficult and confusing at the same time to get a merchant account are e-cigs, adult dating sites, medical marijuana, debit collection and many more. Finding a credit repair merchant account is also […]

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Breaking the Taboo, Online Dating

If you’ve decided that you are ready to open an online dating site, the first thing you need to consider, is how to get paid. Your credit card and debit card sales will be the foremost and forefront of your income. Finding an adult dating merchant account is not as daunting as a lot of people would make you think. Your local bank is likely going to turn you down, so sit down in front of the computer and start by doing some searching. Literally There are literally thousands of sites to choose from. What you need to do is […]

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The difference between a domestic and offshore merchant account

Many businesses often face a host of problems getting approved for a merchant account through local banks and domestic account providers, because traditional acquiring banks are mostly conservative and require merchants to furnish proof of having run the business for 2 years or more. They also have to present a past credit history of transactions that makes the process time consuming and at times, very frustrating. The ideal solution for merchants who seek more relaxed laws and requirements and aiming to increase their sales projections, is to opt for an offshore account. An offshore account is a merchant account with […]

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What is an offshore merchant account?

Offshore merchant accounts are online trading accounts established in a non-resident country, allowing merchants to accept payments for completed transactions via credit cards.  The difference between an offshore merchant account and a domestic merchant account is simply the issuing bank’s country of origin. A domestic merchant account involves an acquiring bank that carries out its operations and resides in the same country with the merchant whereas an International merchant account involves the services of credit card providers who base their operations abroad and do not reside in the same country as the merchant. Offshore merchant accounts are gaining popularity among […]

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Penny Auction Merchant Accounts – Domestic & Offshore

Penny Auctions, or bidding fee auctions are one of the hardest online businesses to get a merchant account for. It’s up there with online pharmacies and online gaming. Even supposed “high risk” providers can’t touch these type of accounts. Most start up penny auctions don’t take this into account and end up failing because they can’t find a viable way to accept payments from customers. At The High Risk Guys we know penny auctions, in fact we have more solutions available for penny auctions than any other provider on the market. We have both domestic and offshore banks available for […]

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