Our Worry Free Guarantee states that if you are ever unhappy with the bank or processor you have chosen, we will switch you to a new provider in our network, free of charge and you will never pay a cancellation fee. This allows you to choose a merchant accounty with confidence. Choosing a merchant account provider is a big decision, and many business owners are concerned with long contracts and hefty cancellation fees imposed by credit card processing companies.

With the emergence of Square and other similar payment processors, contracts and cancellation fees have become less common for low risk, traditional businesses, however for high risk and high volume merchants, contracts and cancellation fees are still prevalent. Here at The High Risk Guys, we understand that even high risk merchants are hesitant about long contracts and cancellation fees, and so we have created “The Worry Free Guarantee”

If you are ever unhappy with a bank or processor that we set you up with, we’ll switch you to another provider, free of charge, and you’ll never pay a cancellation fee*

*Merchant must average at least 20k per month in credit card sales volume.


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