?????????????????????????????????????????????????It’s no secret that sex is what makes the world go around. We base our lives around sex and it’s constantly what drives us; what keeps us motivated. For women, sex is often associated with love, companionship and romance. On the other hand, men tend to view it more as a primal act; purely physical.

For years, men have been paying for sex services for several reasons; to relieve themselves, to feel pleasure and even to spice up the love life in their relationship. However, women who pay for such services have been quite rare.

That is quickly changing as more women have begun paying for sexual services. The amount of British women who pay for sex services has nearly tripled in the past five years. A study performed by Lancaster University has shown that the amount of females using escort services in 2010 was roughly 11,000 while in 2015 that number has climbed to nearly 29,000.

The Boyfriend Experience

Unlike men who use escort services, women tend to desire “The Boyfriend Experience”. This mainly consists of having the escort act more like a boyfriend rather than a simple sex toy. The women share a meal with the escort, they may go out for a drink together and they may even ask for a massage before going the distance.

This is highly due to the fact that women require love before sex. They need to feel wanted and desired. Asking for the boyfriend experience makes paying for sex much more realistic for women. Some women even choose to pay for these services while they are in relationships. They do so to spice up their love life and with an escort merchant account, it’s much easier for women to pay for sex without getting caught.

Lack of Time

The biggest reason why women pay for sex according to the study was due to a lack of time. Women who have no time for real relationships get their romance and sex from male escorts. It’s not only a way for them to continue on with their professional lives without having to go through change, but it also allows them to avoid heartbreak.

This spike in increase of women who pay for sex could be highly due to the fact that more and more women are becoming professionals. In 2015, we see a lot more female doctors, lawyers and other types of professionals than we did just a decade ago. With time-consuming lifestyles, fewer women have time to date, causing them to desire the companionship of escorts.

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